10 Simple Beauty Rules To Follow For The Working Girl..!

For all us working women, everything else takes a backseat. Whether it is our fitness or our beauty, we simply don’t fine enough time to take care. But these days walking into your workplace looking like a complete mess is not acceptable, one needs to look presentable. A lot is said about one’s work by the way one carries herself. So here are 10 simple rules to swear by that are quick, easy and guaranteed to give best results.



1. Have a good day cream. Let us not use a body lotion or a body sorbet as our face cream, they are meant to provide different results. Get yourself a light cream that will keep your skin moisturized and provide a protection against any pollution you face in the day.

2. A CC , BB or a tinted moisturizer. Don’ make the mistake of wearing these directly, always mix a drop of your CC cream with your day cream and apply all over your face and neck. This gives you a uniform complexion without having to use a foundation.


3. A simple eye routine. Some of us like kajal, some prefer a thin liner, some chose to do both, have a simple routine that is appropriate for work. Matt liners are a good bet since they settle down quick and dont look too dressy.


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