10 Kamal Characters That Perfectly Describes Your Soulmate!

So which one is your partner?

The Classy Guy – Madhan Gopal

He is rich, he is sophisticated and he is business minded. He is so posh and chivalrous he will pull the chair for you and refill your wine glass when it is empty. Champagne on birthdays and vacations to Paris he will be the whole deal!

Plus Point: Well learned and Groomed

Negative: He probably has a side girl!


The Sensitive Guy – Major Raja Mannar

He listens to you, he loves you to death and he is understanding. You can always expect him to be honest and even shed a tear if you go away for too long. He has even been through breakups before so he knows exactly how it feels to lose love.

Plus Point: He is not afraid of his feminine side.

Negative: He is so sweet, he will give you diabetes!


The devoted Family man – Pandian

He is a loyal husband, a loving father and would go to any lengths to prove that. He is very family oriented and responsible so there is nothing you need to worry about with this one in the house.

Plus Point: He will do all the house chores without complaints

Negative: Might be closeted and suppressing other feelings.

The Hippie, Free-Thinker – Dr.Selvam

He is aware, he is smart and he is all about the peace-loving. He is liberating, believes in equal rights and will protest to the ends of the earth for you when you are pissed. He gives you space and he is idealist so you know he will believe in the beauty of your dreams!

Plus Point: Loves to travel!

Negative: Might be too much space-loving and aloof.

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