10 Kamal Characters That Perfectly Describes Your Soulmate!

So which one is your partner?

The Silent guy – Unnamed!

He is mysterious, he is shy and he is a man of few to no words. Getting him out of his shell might be a task but totally worth it. He doesn’t raise his voice and will not fight with you about anything. He silently agrees to your decision and loves to live life going with the flow.

Plus Point: He is a mystery you unravel every day!

Negative: You might never know what’s in his head.

The Righteous Guy – Sakthivel (Before Velu Naiyacker)

He is responsible and believes in fairness before law and order. He does not judge anyone’s past just like he would not want anyone to judge him. He takes decisions that feel right in his heart and the few people he is close to he will give his life for them.

Plus Point: Makes you feel like a Queen!

Negative: He doesn’t believe in consequences if he thinks he is right!

The Dancer – Sethu

He’s got the moves and the groove down. Every time he is on the dance floor he can easily boogey down and becomes the center of attention. He is not afraid of a dare and tries to live life to the fullest!

Plus Point: You can throw wonderful parties with him as a host!

Negative: If you give him an ultimatum, he will choose dance over you!

The Coward – Thenali

He is scared of a number of things but he is not scared to love. You might have to tuck him in bed but also snuggle with him on stormy nights. He won’t force you to watch horror movies with him and you might end up loving to pamper him!

Plus Point: He will never betray you!

Negative: Too Clingy!

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