10 Furniture Essentials Ideal For A Small Apartment!

This is for you!

Settees and Ottomans




Among those pieces of furniture that are making their presence felt rapidly in Indian homes are settees and ottomans. These plush, small seating ideas come with storage in them, making them an essential part of every home. You can use these versatile items as table tops, for storage, or to simply to rest your feet on them, if you aren’t using them as seats! How can something with such diverse use not be a part of your home?







Smart placement of mirrors can be a great incentive for your home. Don’t just go for mirrors that are confined to your dressing areas only. Strategic placement of mirrors can be used to make a space look more spacious, and reflect light, making a space more airy and focus on elements that you want to highlight. Mirrors with unique frames and set up make for great accessories in your home too!

The best way to enhance your furniture is wall colours. Pick the right one for you. VISIT:

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