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10 Best Places To Visit In South West UK!

Dorset is truly gorgeous!

The exhilarating United Kingdom is a must visit the country for some peaceful pollution free vacation. This summer enjoys some warmth and water by the beaches while you take a break to grab some fresh seafood and beer by the seaside pier. Indulge yourself into some great sports activities in the gardens and most of all, get a glimpse how a piece of Heaven on Earth looks like. Enjoy a great summer vacation in United Kingdom’s South-West County of Dorset.

Have you ever thought about how it feels to live in a beach house and wake up to the sounds of the subtle waves? The county of Dorset is one among the top ten places to visit in the UK especially in summer because they have one of the best beaches in the country and it is true. From waffles and ice creams to fish and chips you have every summer food that you may have been craving. From boating in the Tea Lake to relaxing lost in the expanse of an aerial view of the big balloon, you can do it all. Dorset, with its peaceful charm and beaches, will fascinate you beyond your imagination that will be left speechless.


Places to visit:

The county of Dorset comprises of districts namely Weymouth and Portland, West Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck District, East Dorset, Christchurch, Bournemouth, and Poole.

History, Art, and Architecture

The Tank Museum: History has always impressed us especially when it’s a part of a great tourist destination. Museums are always a cherry on top. They talk about the place, its history, and unsolved mystery. The Tank Museum is one such place holding a collection of armed fighting vehicles situated in the Bovington Camp of Dorset. The museum is famous because it contains different tanks from various parts of the globe. With a collection of over 333 Tanks from 26 exhibitions around the world, it takes you down the memory lane of World War 1 and World War 2. Remember the ‘Tiger 31’ Tank the infamous German Tank from World War 1 and Mark 1, the oldest and first combat Tank ever of the Great Britain? They are all available there.

Sandworld Sculpture Park: The best of its type, the sculpture park has some of the best makes of sand art ever and it is worth visiting. The park holds a theme every year and based on that theme, sand is sculptured and one has to see to experience the magnificence of art.

 Thomas Hardy’s Cottage: Situated at the Higher Bockhampton castle in Dorset, that is the birthplace of the most famous English author Tom Hardy. The cottage has now been made into a historical place by the Dorset County Council and the National Trust.

St. George’s Church: A unique architecture, beautiful peace and most of all the energy surrounding it makes it one of the best churches to visit. Said to be one of the oldest churches around the world, it provides you with positive energy and peace beside the grandeur of the architectural heritage.



Bournemouth Beach: Considered as the largest beach in Dorset and in the UK, Bournemouth bBeachprovides you with the ultimate summer vibe. From the amazing King’s Gardens that is attached to a lip smacking ice cream parlour, you have it all. From gaming centers to shopping centers Bournemouth beach is a mini living place all by itself. The shores of the beach consist of tiny beach houses that you can rent.

Adventures on Bournemouth beach:

Surfing, canoeing, sailing, roping, and speed-boating are the attraction of the major sport on the sea front. A sports festival also is conducted every year and the participants race with each other.

Weymouth beach: Considered to be the second largest beach in the UK, Weymouth beach is three miles in length and is not far away from the town center and the Historic Harbour. Lively events like Volleyball Championship are a must watch. The famous Punch and Judy attraction and donkey rides is truly a fantabulous experience.

The famous Jurassic coastline

The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site stretching from East Devon to Swanage in Dorset. This being one of the most precious areas around the globe, it is home to a large variety of coastal flora and fauna. Insects, crustaceans, fish, amphibians and even a few mammals have this beautiful place their home. Abundant of fossils are found in this area which has made scientists clear that this coastline has been the birthplace of various forms of living beings.

The coastline has ultimately a lot of sites to visit. The Lyme Regis is a place of must-visits where scientists have discovered that it has been formed using 71 layers of rock. The Durdle Door is a living example to prove that nature is indeed the most beautiful of them all. The natural archway created out of rocks is breath-taking.

The Isle of Wight is a county the largest and second most populous island in the United Kingdom. Located in the English Channel, the Island was once upon a time home to none other than Queen Victoria. One is usually supposed to travel to the island through a ferry and the experience is just mind blowing. Tied Islands are another gift of God which merely connects two different Islands with mere spits from the beach’s sand. However, these spits are made of limestone sand and are solid no matter how much water enters the area. It is also known as the Isle of Portland.

The Golden Cap which is said to be the highest point in the Jurassic Coast is truly mind boggling and a must-visit. The place lies within Bridport and Charmouth.



Dorset holds a variety of food items for its tourists. Although the place is most known for its seafood, its gelato ice creams and waffles, its famous vegan English breakfasts are to die for.

Do not miss out on the hot white chocolate and marshmallows waffles and crepes from Sprinkles Gelato ice cream stop. A wide variety of sweet breakfasts are available (Yes! with maple syrup) which will make your day. The chocolate Sundae ice cream is brilliant but remember, it cannot be eaten by one person, or can it?

Situated in Bournemouth, Mad Cucumber is a fully vegan restaurant but mind you, you will start forgetting your meat after you eat here. From sandwiches and pizzas to pasta and coffees, this restaurant has a full crowd every day and you might want to book a table quite early.

Zizzi restaurant in Bournemouth serves an authentic Italian meal. It’s Primavera Pizza and Goat cheese ravioli is a true winner. Also, try the 7Bone Burger Co. at Poole to fall in love with the beef burger with extra loaded cheese sauce and chips!

Apart from this, Dorset is a hub to international cuisine, from the Indian Dosa Corner to the Noodle Bar serving Chinese food, you’ll turn out a huge foodie by the end of the day.

Of course, how can we forget the English Tea and Breakfast? Try out the most authentic breakfast at the Beach Hut Café which has gluten free food but is worth every penny. The typical English breakfast, confectionery, and English tea make us want to eat until we burst!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your summer vacation to one of the most beautiful places in the UK!




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