10 Beauty Tips To Look Your Best This Festive Season!

Get that party glow-up!

For make-up –

Tip 1: Go dark and subtle on your lips

The weather will be out looking gloomy and dark. But that’s the thing about winter beauty; where you can go all dark and mysterious and yet stand out, not looking out of place. For your lips, if summer and autumn had you trying baby pink, peach, orange, and other fun colours, this season (what with being festive and all) go for shades that are dark red, dark pink, or dark purple. If you can pull it off, try out fun shades of dark green and grunge brown. The best part is, lip colours are aplenty now and you’re bound to find your dark shade!



Tip 2: Eyeing the Eyeliner

To keep it festive and classy, opt for the simple winged liner for your eyes. Kohl eyes look good, too, but with so many festivals where you’ve had kajal smeared under your eyes, this time you can simply try the cool cat eyes, the thick wings that you’d often not go for or thin, glittery ones. Whether it’s gel, pencil or liquid, the technique is key. Use spoons, cello tapes and other DIY ways to get them right.



Tip 3: Blush, but don’t overdo it!

With the perfect lip shade and eyeliner, your next bet would be the cheeks and get them noticed. For the festive season, it’s okay to go a wee bit more than the usual, where you simply have a touch of it a tad more on your cheeks. Do this once you’ve figured out your right shade, otherwise it might look like a bright skin rash on your face. Once done, highlight it with a tinge of rose gold highlighters. Brands like L’Oreal, Lakme, MAC, Sephora, Bobby Brown, etc have a collection of those so go for which ever ones suit your face.



Tip 4: Eyebrows can be fashionable too!

From shaping them up to perfection to making them appear thicker and growing them naturally, celebs have brought thick eyebrows back in vogue and we couldn’t be more grateful. There’s something beautiful about thick, nearly undone eyebrows, giving a more raw appeal. Try out an eyebrow pencil that goes with your eyebrow colour. With so many beauty products to choose from, you have everything covered right from the thickness of the pencil, the colour, the brush, and what not. Head to a recognised beauty product shop and try it out before you buy them. Let a professional teach you how to carefully shape them and not overdo them, thus making your eyebrows look thicker, darker, and yet, completely normal.



Tip 5: Party make-up made easy

The ultimate key to getting your make-up for the party is to ensure you get your eye shadow first, following which you apply your foundation and any other make-up you want to wear. Go bold, go glitter and experiment a bit if you have to, after all, it’s festive season and the idea is to look different than usual.

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