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Sivakarthikeyan Steals The Show With Remo!

Promising trailer!

Sivakarthikeyan has attempted something that many Kollywood heroes were scared of. Except for Kamal Haasan in Avai Shanmugi, every other hero who donned the ‘woman getup’ has been for comedy scenes. With so much of debate and discussion over gender equality in the country, Sivakarthikeyan has attempted to don a role of a female nurse in his upcoming movie, Remo. We only hope and pray that this does not become a comedy entertainer and has something worthwhile to say. The trailer of the film has crossed more than 1 million views in less than a day of it’s release.¬†Sivakarthikeyan is present in almost every frame of the trailer and really looks convincing as a female nurse.

A poster of Sivakarthikeyan recreating the iconic Marilyn Monroe's flying skirt pose has created a lot of buzz in the industry.


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