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Salman Khan Fought With Real Furious Wrestlers In Sultan!

The wrestlers weighed 120-130- kgs! Woah!

Now that Sultan trailer is out, Salman Khan’s fans just can’t wait for its huge Eid release. The movie stars Anushka Sharma in the leading role and she packs a punch in the trailer. Salman Khan, as a former wrestler who wins a gold medal in Olympics gives a promising preview in the trailer.

At the trailer launch of Sultan, Salman said, director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted to keep the fights real and Salman fought real wrestlers for the heavy duty fight scenes. “When Ali narrated the story to me, I thought I’ll be able to do it. But then while shooting, I noticed that there were real wrestlers opposite me and not fighters. Most of the shots in the film are real with wrestlers and Mixed Martial Arts. There are no cables and because of them, there is lot of contact happening in the film. When they lift you and put you on the ground, it used to hurt. They were of 120-130 kilos,” said Salman at the trailer launch.

He added,”They expect you to pick them up and throw them down. That was the most difficult part. When a wrestler trains you, he trains for two or three hours and then two or three hours again in the evening. After that, training for MMA and shooting every day non-stop for six or seven hours, fighting non-stop was really difficult. So those six hours amidst lights and training used to take a toll on me.”

Sultan is set for an Eid release and the trailer is already a huge hit. Check it out!


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