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Making Actresses Dance Post ‘Women’s Objectification’ Session: Irony Of The Day!

India Today misses the point!

The video of actresses Tamannaah, Shriya and Amyra dancing to the masala song ‘Appadi Podu’ at the India Today South Conclave went viral last evening. However, many of us thought, what an irony? The session was about the North-South divide and Universal beauty which also included a discussion on women’s objectification.

During the session, India Today Conclave reports that Tamannaah spoke about her tiff with Director Suraj who commented on ¬†the length of an actress’s skirt and how they were only paid to add glamour. He later apologised, however, his purely misogynist comments faced backlash. Tamannaah was quoted saying, “The problem in our country is that people don’t realise when they are talking about a woman and what it implies. They think a comment about a woman’s skirt is not about objectifying her because she is supposed to be objectified! The problem is it’s very ingrained and it’s a problem the country is facing. The way they look at women is very different from what we want. The problem is ignorance. Here the problem is they don’t even know what they are saying.”

Soon after the session, Tamannaah, Shriya and Amyra Dastur took to the stage and danced to the masala number ‘Appadi Podu’ in front of hundreds of members of audience. No, we aren’t saying they shouldn’t be having fun! However, it’s quite an ¬†irony that you want to ask the actresses to dance and use the moment to add the entertainment factor to the session. We think it was absurd and not in line with what was discussed. You can’t have session on sexual objectification of women and have these wonderful ladies dance on a so called ‘masala song’ and flash the video all over the place. This is not to take away from the great discussion that surrounded such an important topic. Women’s objectification should be discussed and worked on in all areas of work.

Are we encouraging subconscious hypocrisy? What do you think?

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