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Kajol: When Celebrities Fail, Everyone Makes Fun Of Them

Kajol opens up about being a celebrity

Kajol spoke about being a celebrity at a recent event and IANS reported that Kajol said, ‘The most challenging and the saddest thing about being a celebrity is living in the public glare.If you are not successful, it happens on a global scale. If you fall, you fall down and fail in front of the entire world. Everyone will make fun of you. To handle that and still get up, and find meaning in their life after that… That’s the toughest part of being successful.’

While talking about success, she also said, ‘Success is subjective. I believe I am a good and responsible human being today. I am a good mother and I have a lot of roles to play in life. That’s all that I can hope for. I am not perfect, but I feel I am successful because I feel fulfilled with all that I have done. I don’t believe that success is linked to just being good at what you do. There are people who are great at what they do, but are unhappy doing it. So they may be considered successful from that point of view, but I am sure, personally, they don’t think of themselves as successful.’

Stardom is not a bed of roses and Kajol has made that clear!

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