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Ileana D’Cruz Finally Talks About Her Australian Boyfriend!

She’s taken boys!!

It seems like forever that we saw Illeana on screen, but the leggy actress regularly posts about her day-to-day events on the social media. She will be soon seen onscreen, opposite Akshay Kumar in Rustom. If you haven’t been following her, then you’ll be surprised to know that the South Indian star has been dating an Australian photographer, Andrew Kneebone for years now.

The couple is one good looking pair and always look so much in love with each other. Recently, IANS asked her about her boyfriend and she gushed, “I am not the sort of person who sweeps things under the rug. But I just don’t like talking about it because I feel that in a personal life, there is also another person and it’s not fair to the other person. For now, I am not really keen on talking about it openly. It’s out there. I am not going to hide it. I am not going to have the person to come in from a separate entrance. But I just don’t want to talk about it.”

Well, though she doesn’t want to give details, her cute love story  can be seen on her Instagram pictures. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous couple! (Of course he’s the photogapher and Ileana is his favourite person to click)



Happy Birthday my darling! I hope you have a truly wonderful day, because you deserve absolutely nothing less. I love you!!!!

A photo posted by Andrew Kneebone Photography (@andrewkneebonephotography) on

@ileana_official Enjoying Cusco Peru. When the light hit the hills from our balcony just right.. They sing!

A photo posted by Andrew Kneebone Photography (@andrewkneebonephotography) on

Practicing my Bollywood look… I went for “badass about to go kick someone ass for saying something about my mother”

A photo posted by Andrew Kneebone Photography (@andrewkneebonephotography) on

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