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I Will Move To The Himalayas: Superstar Rajinikanth!

Superstar for a reason.

Superstar Rajinikanth has been addressing his fans for five days now. Once again today, he slightly hinted about his connection with politics. Rajinikanth said, “Today, Tamil Nadu has good leaders. Cho Ramasamy once told me if Stalin gets freedom, he can do an amazing job. Seeman is a great revolutionist and I’m stunned by some of his speeches, Anbumani Ramadoss is also a knowledgeable person but what to do? The system is corrupted, we should bring the change.”

He also said, “I didn’t expect the recent speech on politics would create a controversy. But that’s fine in politics, opposition is the biggest investment.” Rajinikanth clarified the allegations made against him that he is not a pure Tamil and cannot join Tamil Nadu politics. He strongly said, “There is one thing I need to clarify today. People ask if I’m a Tamilian or not. Now I am 67 years old. I have been in Tamil Nadu for 44 years and for just 23 years, I had been in Karnataka. I grew up amongst you people.

All of you supported me, gave me a good name, lots of money and fame. It is you people who made me a Tamizhan. I am a pure Tamilian now. I have already said that my dad was born in Krishnagiri. If you people kick me out of this state, I won’t go to any other state, I will go only to the Himalayas. Tamizh people are genuine people and we either have to be here or in the Himalayas. You people have made me live today and you are the Gods who gave me life and all I wish is that all of you are happy and live prosperously. I just don’t know what is wrong in thinking that way.”

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