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As Bipasha Basu-Karan’s wedding date approaches, his ex-wife Jennifer speaks out!!

“Every girl should be single at 30,” says Jennifer.

Everyone in the Basu and Grover household is excited about Bipasha and Karan’s upcoming wedding nuptials. The couple are all set to wed on April 30 and preparations are in full swing. As reported earlier, the wedding would be a private affair and among the industry friends, Bips’ BFFs, designer Rocky S and Deanne Pandey would be attending the private ceremony.

Meanwhile, there are reports that a tabloid interviewed Karan’s former and second wife Jennifer Winget on her opinion about this wedding. Here’s what she had to say about her marriage to Karan, “It was an experience and an amazing roller-coaster ride. There were some happy and sad moments. But I know that I gave my 500% [to my marriage], and no one can point a finger at me. I don’t regret a single day of my life. But, s**t happens. I don’t feel bitter or hold any grudges. I am in a happy space. People might think otherwise, but that’s not the case.”

Karan Grover apparently regrets marrying her and she says, “That’s his point of view. I can’t say anything about what he thinks.”


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The gorgeous actress is one of the most successful Tele stars and now that she’s single, she hails singledom! “It’s amazing. I was never totally single in my life, and now in my thirties, I am. Also, now I am more mature, I understand people, and I’m not naive or stupid. Every girl should be single at 30. It’s a liberating feeling to be free. Guys hit on me, and it feels good. They get intimidated by me, and I feel powerful. I feel people should have humor in their lives, as it makes it easy to handle any situation. At present, I don’t feel a lack of anything in my life.”


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Speaking about Bipasha and Karan’s wedding she said, “I wish them good luck, and a happy married life. I think they make an amazing couple. Marriage is a beautiful thing if two people work on it and want to be together. May God bless them. I feel love is an amazing thing, and if you can feel it for someone, it is great.”

Well said, Jennifer!!!!

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