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Anuskha Sharma: Success For Me, Is Being A Versatile Actor

Anushka has a list of directors she wants to work with

When asked what is success to Anushka Sharma she said that for her being a versatile actress was success.

‘I think if you as an actor can convince such directors, who are different from one another, that you can be convincing part in their film. I think that for me is a huge success because that just shows that everyone sees you as a versatile actor.’

When asked about working with big names in the industry the actress said,

‘I feel like it is for the work they do. For me, it’s not like I am going to look at the money the director’s film has made before their film. For me, it is about working with the director whose work I have admired.’

Anushka says she had once made a list of directors she wanted to work with and she’s happy happy that she could strike off many from her list.

‘Today I am happy to see that I managed to strike most of the names and now I am working with Imtiaz Ali, who is another person I was really looking forward to working with.’


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