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Actress Gauthami Angrily Walks Out Of An Interview For The First Time In Life!

Questions anger Gauthami!

Actress Gauthami has been in the news lately for her emotional and curious letter written to Prime Minister Modi surrounding late Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa’s death. In the last few months she’s also topped headlines for her ‘amicable’ breakup with longtime partner Kamal Haasan.

In a recent inter view with a radio station, Gauthami lashed out at the interviewer and walked out of it, stating that this is the first time in her career that she has lamented and walked off. The interviewer questioned the actress about her recent meeting with the PM and her alleged breakup. He insisted and asked if it was all a ‘publicity stunt’ due which she lost her cool.

The interviewer apologized after clarifying that he needs to ask questions which are based on recent reports. However, the otherwise calm and cool actress was offended and chose to walk out. Check the interview below:


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