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A Fan’s Letter On Kollywood’s Stunning Bad Boy Arvind Swami Is A Must Read!


It’s a given that the heroes of our films are almost always attractive. They may not be handsome in an earth shattering way, but they’re most certainly well-presented. What is more noticeable and enjoyable is that it’s quite the in-thing to have a smoking hot villain in addition to the hero, complete with striking good looks and sex appeal for women to swoon over. No more of those yesteryear baddies dressed to repulse, delivering outrageously-scripted dialogues to identify them beyond doubt as the movie’s villain. Some of us may remember Asokan, Nambiar, M.R. Radha, Raghuvaran, Naaser, etc. with some fondness here.

Now, it’s a total makeover of the bad man who is being portrayed in an alluring way.  This is what struck me as I watched ‘Bogan’ with Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami in the lead roles. As a woman, I found myself unwilling to look beyond the glamourous casanova who took over the movie in style…and no, I’m not referring to the protagonist here! It’s the villain of the film played by Arvind Swami.

Truth be told, I was never quite a fan of this dishy actor who sported a rather gentlemanly image complete with clean handsomeness in those Roja / Thalapathy / Bombay days. But now? I would happily pay to watch Bogan again, although it would only be for the scenes where he plays the smooth scoundrel to the hilt. It’s not just me. So many women (and men) let their jaws drop when he swaggers on to the screen with a supremely confident gait. There’s no other way to put this — insolence becomes him.


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