7 Reasons Why You May Be Ageing Faster Than Your Friends

A study reveals!

Researchers say there are more than a dozen factors that can determine why some people age more slower. We all have friends the same age who look years older or younger than we do. Scientist say that they are not mere perceptions about outward appearances but it is something deeper.

In the study, 954 people agreed to participate in a study that followed them from age 26 to age 38. Each participant agreed to be tested on a range of 18 different factors that earlier studies have linked to aging, including blood pressure, lung function, cholesterol, body mass index, inflammation and the integrity of their DNA. Based on their scores on these measures, researchers calculated a biological age for each volunteer. They did this again when the people in the study were 32 and 38 years old, and combined them to calculate the pace at which each person was aging. Some people were biologically older and aging faster than others, despite being the same chronological age.

Scientists say there are various reasons for people to age slower like,

  1. Food habits
  2. Maintaining healthy diet
  3. Reducing stress
  4. Strong immune system
  5. Regular exercise
  6. Not smoking/ Smoking less
  7. Healthy weight

It’s about time we start maintaining a healthy lifestyle than relying on anti-ageing creams!

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