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7 Actresses Who Look Gorgeous Without Makeup!

Gorgeous as ever!

Actresses take a lot of effort to look beautiful on screen and also, know how to carry themselves off-screen. As much credit as we give them for their acting, it’s really important to encourage their way of carrying themselves. After all, they are taking efforts to entertain us in the best way possible. Makeovers change with every film and according to each role, they look different. Here are some actresses who look absolutely beautiful even without makeup and we are thankful to them for showing us both sides:

1. Anushka Shetty:

anuhska shetty


Anushka Shetty or also more commonly known as Devasena of Baahubali 2 is a natural beauty. She can not only carry out any role given to her, but also look great no matter what the role. She is a true natural beauty.

2. Nazriya Nazim:



The cutest South Indian actress ever is probably Nazriya Nazim. She looks incredibly pretty and bubbly. No amount of makeup can ever do justice to her natural beautiful looks.

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