What is happening in Kallarakurichi? Why are people protesting?

What is the case all about?

Kallarakurichi, a small town near Chinna Salem has made headlines for the past few days, as people have protesting and causing havoc in the place. The problem started 5 days back on 13th July, when a 17 year old girl was found dead at the hostel premises of the Kaniyamoor Sakthi Matriculation School at Karimanoor of Chinnasalem. The girl, in a letter, had named two teachers for allegedly torturing her, leading to her suicide.

The school stated that the student committed suicide, and that was initially believed as the cause of death. However, the parents who suspected foul play filed a complaint with a local Police. The outrage began as there was no arrest made by the police, even after the parents lodged a complaint. A massive social media campaign seeking justice for the student also sparked more outrage.

Yesterday, around 3000 people  gathered from across Chinna Salem in front of the school, unexpectedly. A protest that was considered peaceful, suddenly turned violent. The angry mob, including youth torched busses and parts of the school building. The local Police had to intervene, after there were incidents of stone pelting and Police vans were set on fire. Section 144 was instated in the district and around 70 protestors were arrested.

Now, after private schools were closed in the district, investigation of the case has been transferred to the CBCID. An announcement to this effect was made by Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu after the district witnessed massive protests and violence on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Police have also arrested the Correspondent, the Secretary and the Principal of the school.

Yesterday, the father of the victim, Ramalingam, filed a petition in the High Court asking to transfer the case to the CBCID. The petition filed by him, stated that it was necessary to conduct a second postmortem examination to “unearth the truth behind the suspicious death”. However, today, the High Court ruled a second post-mortem of the victim.

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