Web Series Review : Breathe Review

Take a second to exhale!

The tagline of the series describes so much – How far will you go to protect the one you love? Two desperate and driven men must engage in the ultimate cat and mouse game to save the one they love.

It is a typical setting. Ailing child, aging mother, and a deceased wife. Football Coach, Danny Mascarenhas played by Madhavan is living a life of somber future. His son, Josh is afflicted with a lung disease that requires a donor and Josh is the 4th in the list of the organ-donor waiting list. Taking the law into his own hands Good-Man-Turned-Murderer, Madhavan is out on the streets hoping to kill the number of organ donors so that the receiving end of the waiting list gets lesser. Each murder is thoroughly researched and all is not what it seems. A parallel running story is that of an alcoholic cop Kabir and his to-be-ex-wife Ria who have lost a child of their own. Few episodes in, Danny’s and Kabir’s paths cross and the rest is full of a ‘Catch me if you can’ type thriller. Does Danny get caught? Is there a twist in the end where Danny is proven innocent? What happens to Josh?

The first of its kind, this Amazon web Series is never slow; in fact, it is guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat through its short 8-episode run. Madhavan’s performance is titillating and incomparable with the other cast members equally upping the game. However, no series is without questions; How did Danny get the organ donor list so easily? Was Danny always a bad guy? Why is there no transition between the good and the bad? What happened to police brutality displayed by Kabir? How does he make money if he is not coaching every day?

Rated an 8.9 on IMDB, this series teaches us the plight of those in need of organs and the handicapped. A lot of depth of emotion fills each character and their moves. The series has got enough thrills and chills but falls short in connecting with any of the characters and rooting for one of them. Amazing performance and enthralling watch are what you’ll get!

Rating: 4/5

A nail biter through and through.

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