Top 5 Daredevil Actresses in Kollywood

These heroines are breaking gender stereotypes!

Amala Paul

The Mynaa actress is slowly establishing herself as an actress who can carry a movie in her shoulders. From a decent performance in horror thriller Ratsasan, she has hopped on to do an action character in Adho Andha Paravai Pola. The yet-to-be released flick is a jungle adventure and Amala Paul is said to have performed some acrobats. The film’s director Arun Rajagopal, says, ‘For one particular scene, Amala Paul was needed to get down a 60 feet tree without a body double — and she did. There are a lot of such risky scenes and after listening to the script, Amala Paul instantly agreed to doing it all on her own. What many don’t know is that she’s an adventure enthusiast and has done a lot of trekking’. The actress is also said to have given her own ideas while filming.

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