This is why we love Ajith even more!

The actor recently visited MIT to college to show some mad skills!

Thala Ajith has always been a man of many interests! Apart from his career as an actor, Ajith has established himself in many fields including photography and car racing. He is one of the few Indians to race in the International arena. Many of us know about his passion for racing and his achievements in the field. However, very few would know the fact that he is keen on Aero-modelling and loves to play with his ‘toys’! It seems that Aero-modelling is something which comes naturally to him. The fact that he can assemble a fly scale model from scratch is enthralling! Moreover, he is the first Indian actor to have procured a legal flying license.

While there is an ongoing strike by Tamil film industry against Digital Service Providers (DSP) and shootings being postponed, it seems that actor Ajith has decided to entertain himself with one of his hobbies. Recently, the Vivegam star visited a College in Chennai to learn about the technicalities of Quadcopter and its design. The students were excited to have Actor Ajith on campus and click pics with him.

Actor Ajith is so intent on aero-modeling that he owns an airstrip! Many times he is seen at his private airstrip neat Chennai, operating one of the model aircraft from his collection. It is also reported that the actor was very much interested in flying and it is because of his passion towards the field which got him into aero-modeling. What more to come, Thala?

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