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Pets’ prayers answered!

Providing your pet with a cosy and loving atmosphere while you are away are Nirmiti Barot and Prasanna Gopinath, the couple behind Benzi Pet stay, home away from home for your furry friends. Benzi Pet Stay is located at Chandrasekhar Avenue, Thoraipakkam where you can drop your pooches for a very comfortable stay while you’re away. 

Leaving your pet behind when you go on a trip can be very hard. They are your loved ones and leaving them in the hands of those you don’t trust is never an option. To add to that one needs to think of hygiene, safety, location and comfort. With a significant number of pet stays and pet hotels opening in the city, the options are abundant and Benzi Pet Stay seems like a safe haven for your loved ones.

Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood, Benzi Pet Stay completely removes commerciality from the equation. Eliminating the idea of kennels, it is more of a place where pets can be pets and feel at home. The neighbourhood is serene, quiet and very safe for your pets.When you reach the entrance of the pet stay, you can see the colourful quotes painted on the compound wall. Benzi Pet Stay is definitely a dream come true for pet owners who want their pets to feel loved and calm when they are left for boarding. Everything from their immense cleanliness and the sound of wind chimes is sure to make one feel peaceful.

The Beginning

“We always had a problem with dropping our pet dog (Benzi) when we wanted to travel. The problem exists with all pet owners. Eventually we had our friends drop their pets with us for taking care of them. So we decided one fine day that we should just start a pet stay business. The pet stay is named after their first pet, Benzi, a friendly German Shepherd. Speaking of Benzi, Nirmiti says that she was everything that a breeder could have done wrong. While their veterinarian gave Benzi4 years to live, Nirmiti and Prasanna have raised her with so much care and she is now celebrating her 9th year.

Speaking of the beginning of Benzi Pet stay, Nirmiti says, “Initially when we started 4 years ago, we were still learning. We had taken in almost any dog that walked in. We were new and I was still working, whereas Prasanna had quit his job to run the establishment. We didn’t want to say no to any pet. Benzi has taught us a lot about which pet to accept into Benzi Pet Stay. There was a time when she warned us in her own way. She walked away, she pushed us away and she did her way to let us know she wasn’t quite comfortable with the boarder.” Today, Prasanna and Nirmiti are certified in various fields such as dog behavioural training and correction etc.

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