Poojari dresses Ambal in Salwar Kameez!

The temple priest has been fired for alleged obscenity!

In a bizarre twist of events, a purohit who worked at the Mayiladuthurai’s Mayuranathaswami temple has been fired after he had dressed Abhayambal the idol of the temple in the Indian traditional attire of Salwar Kameez. Raj the priest who had joined the temple just about 6 months ago was helping his father who already worked there when he got creative with dressing the goddess and decorated the same so. A WhatsApp photo of the display went viral and the priest and father have been dismissed from service. When inquired, it is said that the temple comers did not take too kindly to the attire of Salwar Kameez after seeing their idol for 1000 years in a saree. The decision to dismiss the two was reflected by the Thiruvadheenam Aadheenam (Mutt) that also has about 27 other temples under its administrative control in Tamil Nadu.


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