Petta Trailer: Marana Mass Rajinikanth Sizzles In Every Scene!!

The trailer will blow your mind!!

The trailer of Tamil cinema’s next highly anticipated film – Petta – is out and boy does it leave you aghast! There’s so much that happens and so many characters that you get to see that it will leave you excited and maybe even a little confused. Rajinikanth is back to doing what he does best – packing quite a punch whilst his signature style remains intact, an evergreen move of his. And if that isn’t enough, the women in the trailer appear to be adding some weight to this enigmatic story line.

Each scene in the two minutes and 29 seconds video is packed with action, romance and more action. Rajinikanth plays Kaali, a hostel warden, who seems to have a past. Phrases like, “You are going to see Kaali’s dance”, “You are going to see a good scene hereafter only”, “I will make you run in your underpants to escape to save your honour”, “If you have any sentiment run off, I am in Kolaveri”, are catchy.

However, there is only one scene in which Trisha appears in the trailer. Similarly, the Rajinikanth in the flashback portion also appears in one scene. Apart from the fact that they play husband and wife, we are not able to judge what their characters will do.

Several scenes with Simran is really breezy. The part where students tell Rajinikanth that he looks youthful and stylist shows that Rajinikanth, in his 60s, still has the exuberance of what he had 20 years ago. The disappointing part is that villains in the movie don’t seem strong enough to counter Kaali. Somehow, they all seem more fearful of Kaali than he appears to be.

Vijay Sethupathi as usual looks cool and at ease in his villian role. Lots of gun shooting scenes and bombs exploding forms the rest of the trailer with Nawazuddin Siddiqui appearing like his character Faizal in Gangs of Wasseypur.

Watch the trailer here:

In an official interview with JFW a few months ago, here’s what Simran said on this project:

“I can only tell you that the journey has been fantastic! The whole team has been an excellent company to be around with. Working with Rajini sir is just out of this world! True to what people say he is really a superstar off-screen as well. He has such an aura around him that it just rubs off on you. I still wonder if it is a dream sometimes! I cannot reveal more than this.”

Speaking on director Karthik Subbaraj, she said:

“Karthik is such an organized person; it is just amazing to watch. He doesn’t use a laptop, tablet or mobile phone during the shot. He pretty much relies on his creativity and believe me, that is vast! In fact, you won’t even see scripts and dialogues on the set. He is a one-man army! He also has an excellent team and they are pretty hands-on and quite creative.”

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Produced by Sun Pictures and directed by Karthik Subbaraj, Petta also has Simran, Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bobby Simha, Megha Akash, Sasikumar and Sanath in the cast.

Vijay Sethupathi will be playing the main antagonist in the movie. And the movie’s album features tracks like ‘Marana Mass’, ‘Ullaallaa’, ‘Ilamai Thirumbudhe’, ‘Madura Petta’, ‘Petta Paraak’, ‘Singaar Singh’, ‘Aaha Kalyanam’, ‘Jithu Theme’, ‘Petta Theme’, ‘Kaali Theme’ and ‘Thappad Maara’.

The film is slated for a January 10 release next year.

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