Simran spills the beans on Rajini 165!

Simran on Karthik Subburaj and Superstar!

Simran hasn’t bagged just any movie, but one of the, “biggest”, in many years. Produced by Sun Pictures, featuring Rajinikanth as the male lead, Vijay Sethupathi as the anti-hero, and directed by Karthik Subburaj is pretty much a dream project for anyone who is working on the same. Talking about Karthik’s professionalism Simran shares, “Karthik is such an organized person; it is just amazing to watch. He doesn’t use a laptop, tablet or mobile phone during the shot. He pretty much relies on his creativity and believe me, that is vast! In fact, you won’t even see scripts and dialogues on the set. He is a one-man army! He also has an excellent team and they are pretty hands-on and quite creative.”

It is hard not to be excited by what is to come and look to her for inspiration. When Sun pictures announced that they are producing a movie with Superstar Rajinikanth in the lead with Karthik Subburaj directing the project, social media went into a frenzy. The second wave of excitement was caused when Anirudh joined in for music and it was revealed that Vijay Sethupathi is in the movie, possibly in a villain role. Just when one couldn’t resist the overwhelming excitement, Simran was signed up for the project and it was pure elation! Refusing to reveal anything about the upcoming movie, Simran laughs and says, “I can only tell you that the journey has been fantastic! The whole team has been an excellent company to be around with. Working with Rajini sir is just out of this world! True to what people say he is really a superstar off-screen as well. He has such an aura around him that it just rubs off on you. I still wonder if it is a dream sometimes! I cannot reveal more than this”, and with a coy smile, Simran.  


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