Keerthy Suresh Performs Dangerous Stunts For Thodari!


The new upcoming release of actor Dhanush and Keerthy Suresh, Thodari revolves around a moving train! While Keerthy plays the role of a make-up assistant, Dhanush plays the role of a train pantry boy.

The scenes we’ve looked at from the movie, requires Keerthy to perform some dangerous stunts! In a recent interview Keerthy revealed her thoughts of shooting on a moving  train.

Here is what she had to say; “Thodari was a different film to shoot since it was shot mostly on a train,” recalled Keerthy.

Explaining one of the most risky shots, she said, “I was standing on the side of an engine, in a narrow passage of less than a feet width, with the train running at around 180 km per hour. I had to run down the narrow passage and so I couldn’t hold onto the railing for support. Moreover, suddenly as I was running, the train reached a bridge. When I glanced down, there was nothing but water miles below. It was really scary since I was on this narrow passage, with nothing but a thin railing between me and the chasm below! It was only after the shot was over that the unit congratulated me on doing a risky shot like that. It was only then that I realized the full impact of the situation I had just been through! My heart started beating faster only after hearing their reactions!”

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