India-inspired home decor tips

Indian art and indigenous prints have always drawn the attention of art patrons from around the world. They have for some time now been a favourite in the home decor realm. Gazala gives you a few tips on how you can use these in your home.


•Living room

Upholstery inspired by Indian prints has become a huge trend off late. It gives a very boho chic touch to your home and there are many ways that you can experiment with it. You can accentuate this using cushions with block prints and opt for a rug that’s inspired by Indian motifs. This is one combination that is sure to work and you can depend on it to give your home a warm and cosy appearance while keeping it minimal.

If you like experimenting and do not mind making a bold statement, you can opt for a simple sofa with mismatched prints and curtains complimenting your cushions, rugs etc. You can opt for curtains with Indian prints like block print with a delicate border. The market is full of these and you can either pick it from a high end brand or a local art expo depending on your budget.

You can also use sculptures that depict different Indian characters like Buddha, idols of Shiva etc or hang dying art forms like Madhubani paintings to further enunciate your theme. If you wish to add plants to your living room, you can use brass pots or earthen pots that come in myriad colours to add a touch of elegance and colour to your home.


The trend of using Indian prints has become a rage and you can find bedspreads, curtains and many other home essentials in block print, bandhani etc.
We’d suggest that you keep your walls simple, and opt for simple breezy curtains with a hint of floral prints and choose vividly printed bedspreads to adorn your bedroom. These are easily available at different prices making them a great decor choice for different budgets. You can opt for rustic Indian lampshades to make your bedroom more attractive and cosy. Team this with a traditional chest of drawers or an ancient trunk to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom.


From traditional thalis, to beautifully painted terracotta tableware, there is a lot to choose from if you wish to add a touch of Indian designs to your dining room. You can also opt for placemats that are inspired by various art forms that find their roots in India. If you are an art enthusiast, you can use artwork like Phad or Gond as the highlight in your dining area.


We’d strongly recommend you opt for a simplistic design for your kitchen and use it as a canvas to experiment with varied items that you can use to incorporate Indian art and prints. You can find extremely attractive handmade earthenware that you can use to add colour and texture to your kitchen. Apart from this, you can use traditional Indian pots and pans to display in your kitchen. That’s not all, you can go a step further and use mismatched plates or mugs to create an installation of sorts in your kitchen.

•Garden/ Balcony

You can opt for coir and cane furniture to do up your semi open and open spaces, and team them with either brightly painted pots or opt for simple earthen pots to create a very inviting garden area. You can use brass or terracotta wind chimes and combine them with Worli and other interesting art forms to incorporate traditional Indian ideas into your home. This is not only a very cheap way to do up your balcony and improve the overall appeal of your home, but it is also a fun way to bring in more awareness about different art forms native to India. You can find many interesting artefacts and keepsakes that you can use to beautify your garden while adhering to the said theme.

You’d be surprised to find hundreds of tile designs that draw inspiration from Indian art forms. From floral motifs to geometric designs, you can choose a pattern of your liking for your bathroom. You can team it with minimal lights and artefacts to enhance the appearance of your bathrooms and powder rooms. If you have an exclusive washbasin in your dining area, then you can also opt to create a niche inspired by all things Indian.


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