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How to Keep your Dog Safe – A Few Quick Notes!

Keep your pets safe and by your side!


It’s heart-breaking to lose a pet dog. Here are some pointers to keep your fur baby safe.

Recently, I fostered a nine-month-old German Shepherd for two days. The poor dog was lost and had been running in a panicked state on Poonamallee High Road, a busy thoroughfare in Chennai. Fortunately, it was a holiday and there wasn’t too much traffic, hence the dog didn’t get knocked down. A kind Samaritan rescued the dog and took him to my cousin’s house. Since she had cats in her home, I brought the dog back and kept him with me. We clicked pictures of him and posted it on social media, asking people to share the post. Animal activist groups also helped us by posting it on their sites. Luckily for this dog, whose name we later discovered was Pluto, his worried owner stumbled across a post on someone’s Facebook page, contacted an animal activist through whom he contacted me, and the furry baby was restored to his owner.

Personally, I was very lucky a few years back when my dog Peppy got lost. After three days of combing the streets and bucket loads of tears and recrimination, I suddenly got the idea of calling Blue Cross. They had a dog answering Peppy’s description, and when I went there, I was delighted to be reunited with her!

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