How Safe Are The Women During Jallikattu Protest In Chennai?

Amidst recent incidents against women in country!

When a ‘pervert’ mob attacked women on the eve of New Years in Bengaluru, entire country was shocked and Bangaloreans expressed their disappointment on the incident. Often when women and men are coming together in huge groups either for a parade or a protest, many expect some eve-teasers to join a good cause and spoil it.

Bengaluru’s incident is just one of the many that have occurred in the country. However, Chennai has proven that lakhs of men and women can come together for a protest at any time of the day or night and still keep it peaceful and safe for women.

Radhika Ramesh, a 22-year-old writer spent an entire night at the Marina beach among protesters. She says,”I’m proud and happy that all of us have come together for an important movement. In the past three days we have not only seen men and women but also many kids who took part in the protest. I have spent the night on the beach among strangers and I won’t lie; initially I was worried about my safety due the the recent attacks on women. Men here should be an example to many in the country. They have made sure we were all together and safe at all times.”

Kamalini Yuvraj, a student says,”I can’t express how happy and proud I am that we all have been united in this important movement. I haven’t been unsafe or felt awkward even for a second. It says a lot about the youth and how respectful they are towards women.”

RJ Balaji also spoke out on the point of how many women are around strangers and yet are safe. Check the video here:



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