Happy Birthday, Prabhas: 5 Times Bahubali Won Our Hearts With His Character!


Well, there is no doubt about Bahubali: The Conclusion saw some real time box-office because it’d got some serene storyline and an even amazing cast who dedicated themselves for five years to own this story and make us live it just like they did. Every character has a background and is powerful in its own way. While Mahendra Baahubali’s romance with Warrior Avanthika was fresh and young, the romance between Amarendra Baahubali and Devasena was bold and eternal.

Amarendra did not just impress us with his massive body and charming yet subtle look but also gave s reasons to love him and see him as the ideal husband even in the 21st century (Source: Reviewwalebabu)

bahu deva


1. He loves his mother but loves his wife equally: When Amarendra says “if you touch Devasena, it’s equal to touching my sword”, who wouldn’t fall in love? However, he also makes sure to never disrespect his mother. He makes sure to do his best to make his lovely mother understand the reason behind his fight for his lover Devasena.

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