Dowry Harassment Takes Away The Life Of A Daughter!


22-year-old Vismaya had written an exam after which she had moved to stay with her husband in Sasthamkotta, Kollam district. Her family received a call on 21st June saying that their daughter was in a critical condition. However, on reaching the hospital they realized that she was brought dead and suspected it to be a suicide.


Vismaya was married to Kirankumar, an inspector in the Motor Vehicles Department, last year. Her father had given 100 sovereigns of gold, more than an acre of land and a Toyota Yaris car as dowry during the wedding in March 2020. However, Kiran was unhappy with the car’s mileage and wanted cash instead. Kiran had assaulted Vismaya in front of her family a few months ago after which the couple stayed separated for a while. Three months ago, Kiran took Vismaya back to his house. 


Kiran was taken into police custody a day after Vismaya was found dead. The FIR registered by the police has invoked provisions of dowry harassment and domestic violence Acts.He was interrogated for many hours before being arrested on Tuesday, 22nd June. He admitted that he assaulted his wife and was the reason behind many of the injuries inflicted on her which she shared as pictures with her mother. 


Kiran revealed that he and Vismaya had a fight in the wee hours of Monday after which she told him that she wanted to go home. The issue was later resolved by Kiran’s parents. She ended life following this quarrel. Vismaya went to the bathroom after the fight and did not come out for a long time. As Vismaya remained in the bathroom for over 20 minutes, he broke open the door and found her dead, according to his statement. Meanwhile the police said that they will interrogate Kiran’s family also. Earlier, Vismaya’s parents alleged that Kiran’s mother had also beaten up Vismaya.


Women and Child Welfare Minister Veena George, Kerala Women’s Commission member Shahida Kamal, Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala and DYFI state secretary A A Rahim were among the persons who visited the parents of Vismaya and promised all support. N K Premachandran, MP, demanded a comprehensive probe into the incident and steps from the government to put an end to such atrocities in the society. The family members told all visiting leaders that they believed the incident was a clear case of murder. 


“Doctors told us that my sister was brought to the hospital two hours after her death. None from Kirankumar’s family informed us about her death. Instead, they told us that she was admitted in the private hospital in Sasthamcotta. Later, when I called the hospital to check on her condition, they informed me that she was brought dead there,” said Vijith, Vismaya’s brother.


“I am thankful for the government’s timely intervention in speeding up the probe and suspending Kirankumar from (motor vehicles department) service. I request the government, public and media that this should not be another hashtag or just a day’s issue. We all should fight till the system changes. No other sister or daughter should suffer such a fate,” said Vijith.

Vismaya’s mother often received texts that Kirankumar would assault her and abuse her. She had sent a text to her cousin, Aswathy Chavara, last week about the injuries she had and how abusive the place was for her.  “There were injury marks on her neck and a cut mark on her wrist. These pieces of evidence show that it was a murder. Kirankumar had blocked my father’s and my number on her phone and she was only allowed to call my mother, that too not frequently,” said her brother. Her mother, Sajitha Nair, said “In the last call she made to me on Sunday afternoon, she asked for `5,000 for paying her examination fee. When I said I didn’t have that much amount at the time and told her to ask Kiran, she told me he won’t give it but would only abuse her. I told her that I would arrange some money and send it to her by Monday. I never imagined that I won’t be able to talk to her anymore.” Sajitha also said that Vismaya had asked her not to message her as it would irk Kiran. “She was scared he would break her phone. He had already broken four of her phones in a fit of anger.”


Trivikraman Nair, Vismaya’s father, claimed that his wife had not informed him or Vismaya’s brother about the incidents of assault. 

Kirankumar’s parents have been providing different versions of the story in every interview conducted by various media houses. They are covering up by stating that they entered the room only because of the loud noises. In another interview, they mentioned that Vismaya had a disease. One thing that was made very clear was the fact that they weren’t happy with the Toyota Yaris car that was gifted and they had many fights over this.


Vismaya’s brother Vijith Nair told Asianet News that people can blame them for giving dowry, but the reality was different. “People can ask why you gave dowry, but reality is different. Dowry has to be stopped completely, no other woman should suffer this,” he said.

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