Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Vaishnavi Gets Evicted!

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Vaishnavi, who has been nominated a number of times in the past, has finally been evicted from the Bigg Boss house. An RJ, journalist, and granddaughter of veteran writer Saavi, Vaishnavi had escaped elimination once, when she was put in a secret room for a week and got to witness what people had to say about her. Her elimination now, however, does not shock people.

Before leaving, Vaishnavi expressed that she was not too happy about getting evicted as there was only a month left for the finale. However, her elimination put a lot of things in perspective.

Meanwhile, Riythvika, who has been escaping elimination for weeks, has been adjudged as one of the few contestants who’s got it all sorted. The last episode also witnessed drama, started by Aishwarya Dutta and Mumtaz. While things haven’t been going too well between them, other contestants have been facing the repercussions of it. Things haven’t been working out between Mahat and Yashika, too, with their friendship hanging by a thin thread now. As of now, Mahat has been feeling a little let down by her while she has been maintaining silence over the whole issue.

Towards the end, it was announced that a wild card entry will be happening soon.

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