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Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Mumtaz And Vaishnavi On Focus!

Lots of ego clashes ahead!

The promos of tonight’s Bigg Boss Tamil episode are out and it looks interesting! For starters, it’s evident that no one is thrilled with having Vaishnavi as a captain considering many are of the opinion that she tends to spread a lot of misinformation on purpose.

But while that is clearly expressed by Balajie, something else is shown – Mumtaz engaging in yet another verbal dual. And who’s on the receiving end? The usually reserved Rhythvika. Mumtaz has already had fights with a lot of other contestants including Nithya and Janani. The rift between her and Janani gets deeper, or so the promos would like us to believe.

Amidst all this, there are some cute moments shown such as Mahat getting close to some of the girls, which Balajie spits on, and Balajie continuing to feed Nithya while she performs the task.

There is no definite way to predict tonight’s episode but if there’s anything to go by, there might be some drama predicted.


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