Bigg Boss Tamil 2: Kamal Haasan Keeps It Breezy And Fun!

Check it out!

Two new promos of tonight’s Bigg Boss Tamil 2 episodes are out and it all looks like fun and games. The first promo shows a rather serious looking Kamal Haasan, the host, talking about what’s in store for the audience.

The second promo, however, was a rather fun one showing him talking in English to Sendrayan.

If everyone’s been paying attention, then it’s known that Sendrayan is the fun contestant around who has been struggling with English. While he chooses to speak in Tamil mostly, the inmates have often made fun of his broken English. Kamal, too, does that but in a fun way. Contrary to all the promos we have been used to, where there was always drama and screaming, tonight’s episode could be fun. And since elimination is around the corner, it would be obvious that everyone’s on their best behaviour so as to stay back.

The week has so far focused on Mumtaz and Nithya mostly, with the former being authoritative owing to her cooking captain post while the latter has been trying to shrug off unsolicited advice about going back to her estranged husband, among other things. Rythvika and Ananth Vaidyanath are the two other contestants who have been nominated but the two have kept a low profile.

Much like what Kamal says, only the elimination round will tell us who’s good and who’s not in this game of survival of the fittest.

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