A Simple Reason Why ‘Aruvi’ Is One Of The Best Movies Of The Year!

Aruvi is definitely a must-watch and here’s why!

Gone are the days where a film has stirred the emotions in us, made us step into the shoes of the characters, made us weep until the tears have dried or laughed until our stomach hurts. cinema has just become a source of entertainment, a mere escape from the boring, intolerable reality. Rarely do we come across movies that churn our insides and bring the lost emotions gushing out from within. One such movie is Aruvi.

The film walks us through the fragments of the life of Aruvi, whilst satirically portraying the harsh reality of the society. The film has different shades to it, evoking a variety of emotions which we even knew existed. It is a tight slap on the face, a brutal portrayal of the reality where people respect a piece of currency paper more than humanitarian values.

Aruvi sets a perfect example that a movie can be a masterpiece, even without superstars, if it manages to strike a chord with us. It’s a reminder that cinema is not just all about entertaining us with some duet numbers, baseless comedy, and cheesy romance; but also lets you witness the things we fail to see. If you watch movies to have some fun, then Aruvi makes you think otherwise and has set up some high standards for filmmakers to turn it into a cult classic.

Aruvi, as the name suggests, definitely kindles a plethora of emotions flowing out of us like an Aruvi (waterfall).

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