7 Everyday Things Women Of All Ages Are Tired Of Hearing !

Stop it already!

Generations have passed and even though we live in a comparatively advanced society, we still have a few hurdles to pass. Women have been considered and treated like the weaker sex forever now. How much ever we achieve for ourselves, we end up being compared to a male peer. Our successes our ours, our shortcomings are ours, our strengths are also ours! We accept our flaws, we love our qualities and we are proud of our achievements. So, when someone passes a very sexist comment, it is our duty to make them realise that it is not OK! Each woman is different in her own way, she loves, cares, hates, rebels, fights, forgives- all in her own way. Here are a few things we are terribly tired of hearing!





Don’t cut your hair too short.

You’ll look like a boy. Somehow, hair has always been a sign of womanliness, while in reality there are so many more obvious physical traits that separate us from the men. Cutting your hair short makes one look closer to the opposite sex which automatically makes you unsuitable as a girl. Well, I say to each their own, a woman will stay a woman no matter what her hair cut.




Are you PMSing?

This is an annoying statement that comes from both our male and female friends, which is alarming because women shouldn’t ideally say such things. When a woman gets upset or angry, there is a reason other than her hormones. Why not understand her and  get to the root of it instead of blaming it on those days of the month.




What all can you cook?

Like its a given that every woman should know how to cook, why? If that’s the case then everyone should know how to cook, men and women. If that makes it a survival skill, then it should be the same for both sexes. But contrary to that, men have survived without knowing how to light a gas stove for ages now which proves that it isn’t a mandatory skill to live. Hence, girls if you don’t know how to cook or are not the kind to enter the kitchen, there are always alternate means to having a full meal.




You shouldn’t be out this late at night.

While this should be applicable to both men and women, roaming about the streets late at night isn’t safe for anyone. Girls are always told to be extra careful, or travel with a male buddy. My question to all those advice givers is : Is every man capable of fighting the goons like our movie heroes? How come the guy is safe and the girl isn’t? Does being a boy make it safer on the streets at wee hours of the night?

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