7 Everyday Things Women Of All Ages Are Tired Of Hearing !

Stop it already!



Girl’s shouldn’t swear.

This is another one that has to be either be applied to both genders or neither. Cursing is alright, till the time it isn’t sexist. Please keep each others mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers away from an argument that isn’t about them. it isn’t cool for anyone to curse. Period.




Girl’s shouldn’t be temperamental.

Why are girls asked to succumb to whatever they are going through and not have an angry fit while the boy goes about screaming and shouting for everything? Simple, because you are a girl. And being a girl comes with a set of rules, to be patient, kind, forgiving etc etc. Have a handbook girls.




Are you a feminist?

Feminism means fighting for equal rights. Whether we like it or not, each and every day each one of us is fighting that battle. Whether it is at home or at your workplace, it is a unconscious fight. Being a feminist is natural to a woman.

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