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7 Alternate Ways to Junk Food : #JunkFoodDay!

Happy eating!

Is there anything known as healthy junk food? Well, junk food gets its name because it basically is low on nutritional value. It does more harm than good to your body. But the comfort that junk food brings to one is irreplaceable. One can never imagine replacing a tub of double chocolate ice cream with some frozen yogurt. What if we say that there are ways to switch a little and get yourself a healthier option to your junk binge mood? Here are 7 simple ways to go the alternate way:




Chips and Wafers

Potato wafers or chips can be substituted with the baked varieties of the same. To get an even more healthier option, you could make chips of various other vegetables to up the nutrition quotient. Once in a while a bag of wafers is harmless, but if you like to munch on crispies more than often, then vegie chips is good for one’s wellness.

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