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6 Eating Habits You Must Avoid to Stay Healthy!


Of all the concerns that drive you crazy, your child’s health definitely tops the chart. Nutrition and dieting amongst teenagers is an ever-growing matter of worry. Here are simple things for a healthy body—especially for kids and young adults.


With the change in lifestyle, a so-called trend of being “in-shape” has crept in amongst teenagers. This leads them to deliberately avoid an essential portion of their daily nutrition. The first and foremost thing that matters is what parents teach to their children.

If they come from homes where the parents are well informed and have a good body image, the teenagers are in safe haven; but even if one of the parents has been struggling with body image issues and hopping from one nutritionist to another to achieve the impossible, it does have a negative influence on the children. It starts at home followed by pressure from peers. Adolescence is the bridge between childhood and adulthood. Nutrition plays a vital role in this phase of life. Adequate knowledge about the choice of foods and the effect it would have should be a mandatory part of growing up.

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