5 Indian Women Who Proved We Can Change The World!

Sunitha Krishnan, Priya Ravichandran, Mithali Raj, PV Sindhu and Tessy Thomas – the superwomen!

The strength of a woman is not measured by the hardships that have put her down but by the ability to prevent them from stopping her. In a world where women oppression is the norm, successful women have made way for themselves to pursue their dreams giving hope to thousands of women. Here are 5 women whose determination had them play an extraordinary role in creating history.

Sunitha Krishnan



Sunitha Krishnan is a pioneer in social service having saved thousands of children and women from the cruelty of human trafficking and forced prostitution. She is not only an anti-trafficking crusader but also an eminent speaker who would give you goosebumps with her stories about kids from age of three to women of age above fifty. Like the stories from the people whom she has rescued, her life story also would persuade you to take action against human trafficking.  From a very young age, Sunitha started her social service with her efforts in helping differently-abled people and homeless children. She co-founded an NGO called ‘Prajwala’, which runs 17 schools throughout Hyderabad and has rescued thousands of women from prostitution. She doesn’t limit herself once she has rescued them,  she helps these women get over the trauma of being forced into prostitution with rehabilitation.

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