5 Heroines Who Stunned Us By Playing Negative Roles

They were the ultimate women villains!

It’s not just heroes who make good villains, heroines do to and these actresses just proved that they can rock a negative role just like any villain! What’s more surprising is that they are top heroines who played the love interest of heroes but audience accepted them with open hands even when they took a detour and tried their hands at being a bad-ass! 



ramya krishnan JFW


Of course Ramya Krishnan had to top the list! She’s probably the only person who gave competition to Rajinikanth and that too in his own movie! The character Neelambari became synonymous with Ramya Krishan for her performance in Padayappa.



Jyothika JFW


Jyothika took everyone by surprise when she played a negative role in Gautam Menon’s Pachaikilli Muthucharam. Till the first half of the movie, it is not revealed that there is a dark side to her character and it just blows your mind when the suspense breaks! Jyothika delivered a stunning performance in the film.