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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up Your New Year Resolution!

Don’t fret. We give you 4 ways to keep up those tough resolutions.

Every year, at least 8 out of 10 people resolve to lose weight as a part of their New Year resolutions. The gym is selected, the advance is paid, vows are made to go every day and then for a week, it is all good. Post which, the gym doors stay open in wait for you all year long! Sound familiar? Oh, and the ‘not going to eat fast food’ resolution which let’s face it, is also probably not going to happen! For 2019, why not try a few not so cliché New Year resolutions that are easy to keep up with and give you some self-satisfaction?

  1. Find common ground with someone who has been annoying you for a while: Some people are just difficult to be with but that does not mean you cannot try. If it is a co-worker, smile and extend the hand of friendship and offer to help them out with their project; if it’s a frenemy, have a talk on what bothers them and how you can overcome it and also take them out for lunch or dinner.

  2. Choose one word for 2019: Instead of focusing on how you want to be all year long, choose one word for this New Year and make sure you apply that whenever you find yourself straying. Some examples of the word can be ‘helpful’, ‘peaceful’, ‘calm’ and so on.

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