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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up Your New Year Resolution!

Don’t fret. We give you 4 ways to keep up those tough resolutions.

3. Make someone’s life better: Resolutions need not be just for you. You can make them to better other people’s lives too. Small instances like feeding one needy person every day can go a long way in making life seem content. This is kind of cliché but where you can make a difference is actually interacting with that person every day and not just do it because it makes you look good.

4. Unplug yourself from gadgets and technology: You know that thing that you just clicked a picture of and put it on social media to see how many likes you got? That thing is life. Most of us are so absorbed in updating pictures and status on social media that we miss the actual life that goes on around us. Next time you see something that warrants a picture to be taken, don’t! Just enjoy it while it lasts.

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