10 Times the Hero stole the Fiance

Is your guess on the list? Check now!

K-Town absolutely loves cliches! I mean who doesn’t especially when it comes to good entertainment? Villains are loaded with money and scantily clad women, sister siblings of heroes always end up in tragic fates and heroes most likely never give up on making the heroine theirs even if she is engaged to someone else; an age-old concept! Here’s taking a look at the list of films that had the hero sweep the girl off her feet right underneath her betrothed!

  1. Minnale – The mother of all movies on taking away the engaged is Maddy’s very own Minnale. I mean who can say no to this actor with a million dollar smile? We could totally empathize with Reema sen when she left her fiance for this handsome hunk. What was the best part of the movie was Abbas himself played the role of a nice fiance not wanting to pressurize Reema into marrying him. It was pretty much hard to choose between the two but her mind was set! This one takes the cake for two cute guys and one pretty plot!

2. Although Shaheen Khan’s character is not engaged initially, we were quite surprised when she flat out told Vijay a ‘No, I don’t believe in love marriage’ line. Although we believed Vijay’s character will force her to rethink, he left it to her choice till the end unwavering from his commitment to her. Finally, Shaheen’s character understood her betrothed was not worth her in any way and left him for a happy ending with Vijay.

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