Movie Review: Sachin-A Billion Dreams

Sachin forever!

The entire ideology behind  James Erskine creating a documentary film about Sachin Tendulkar is to bring back memories amidst his die-hard fans who still have a fresh reminiscence of the cricket legend. Sachin: A Billion Dreams is one such documentary that has a beautiful drama weaved within the reality called a documentary. The not-so dramatized childhood of Sachin was something that would make you watch it more like a movie even if you are not a fan of the cricketer. The mischievous boy within him was well reflected during the ‘Little Sachin’ period.

The narration from his childhood to his retirement phase with jump cuts from the present days made it all the more interesting and leaves the audience’s brain to do the comparative analysis. It intimidates the mind in a very good way. What came across as more interesting is that the controversies which were faced by the cricketer be it his captaincy or be it his so-called tiff with legendary player Mohammad Azharuddin was will be polished yet cleverly portrayed for us to fill in the gaps. It was quite a star-struck moment as many cricketers beginning with the entire cricket team to the legendary Sir Vivian Richards of West Indies and the 2008-2011’s Indian cricket team’s coach Gary Kirsten everyone had different things to say about Tendulkar.

The director has chosen participatory documentary as his genre with elements of expository and observational.  He let the subject of the documentary to narrate the surroundings around him. Sachin’s entire family had a say in the documentary and it was nothing short of realistic. However, what pleased the audience was the sense of patriotism that the director created through Sachin. It also proved that the citizens are quite emotionally bonded to everything in the country with cricket playing a major subject. If a match was lost effigies of cricketers were burnt and if they won they are celebrated more than royal kings and queens would ever be. However, that is all a part and parcel of the movie. The ups and downs this legend has been through will make you develop at least a soft corner in your heart. The chants “Sachin Sachin” will make you feel a different something.

From AR Rahman’s background scores giving the Goosebumps to the patriotic wins made it all the more sensitive in a very good way. The emotions of the audience and the cricketers while playing the famous India vs. Pakistan match was very well showcased.  Overall, along with the story of Sachin, the director gave out other emotions like the bond Indians have with cricket, love for country, love for unity and most of all emotions in general. The docu-drama was a portrayal of patriotism through cricket and through the legend himself. One need not be a fan of Tendulkar to enjoy the movie. It will keep you glued to your seats anyway because who wouldn’t want to watch the legendary man with No. 10 jersey!

Verdict: Definitely a must watch

Stars: 3



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