Joy (English) Review

Watch it to see how women around you are the real heroes. Feel the Joy!

Director — David O Russell

Cast — Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

What happens when a domestic drama is turned into a funny episode with great performances based on real life incidents? Joy is an apt example of a simple family drama to which each one of you will relate to. Based on the real life struggles of the Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano, the movie shows how women overcome gender battles in both professional and personal lives.

The half fictionalized biopic of Joy Mangano, a divorced mother of three who is broke and whose invention of the self-wringing mop helps her become a millionaire will leave you in tears of joy. Jennifer Lawrence as Joy tells you how difficult it was to leave a mark on stereotypical views that woman can’t be inventors. In the first half of the film, Joy struggles to take care of her kids and job with a divorced husband living in her basement and a bickering dad making a mess of his separation from his wife. As the movie moves into the second half, an idea of inventing a self-wringing mop changes her life forever.

With her striking TV debut on QVC shopping channel giving her a once-in-a-flashpoint sales opportunity, you can’t help but see why Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy award winner. With the support of TV baron Neil, played beautifully by Bradley Cooper and her loving grandmother Mimi, Joy overcomes all the battles. At this point you realize how David plays with that one emotion dear to you, family. No over the top screenplay, no dramatic performances but a simple tale of emotions set the movie apart.

Co-written by David and Annie Mumolo, the script is peppy especially with regards to Robert De Niro and his wife’s nagging dialogues. In a supporting role, though one of the most celebrated legends, De Niro doesn’t take away Jennifer’s thunder and gives her the space to be the hero of the movie. Jennifer, take a bow! What a performance!

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer don’t play a couple in the movie but you still hope they end up together owing to the rock solid chemistry that they have with each other. Diane Ladd, Elizabeth Rohm and all the other supporting actors have done their job just right. The Golden age TV era, playing in the background will leave you nostalgic. Of all the movies released this year, this one is definitely a keeper. The only drawback you might notice is that the movie gets rather slow but not boring. There are some really funny moments which you will enjoy with a pinch of sarcasm.

Verdict — Watch it to see how women around you are the real heroes. Feel the Joy!

Rating — ****

Written by: Deepa Kalukuri

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