5 Nostalgic Moments From Alaipayuthey!

This will definitely make your day!

‘Alaipayuthey’, a romantic drama by Ace director Mani Ratnam starring Madhavan and Shalini released in the year 2000. It was one of the most adored love story during its period of release and still adored. The movie revolves around a couple who fall in love and elope to get married but the real essence of the film lies in the couple’s life pre and post-marriage. To the current generation, this film can simply describe how old-school love used to be then. Here’s an extract of scenes that will leave you nostalgic!


Madhavan’s proposal to Shalini will just get you high on love and this scene has never left anyone without a smile, whoever watched it. The proposal here is one of a kind that can’t be replicated.


Unlike the present generation, the couples those days had no mobile phones and landlines were also found in selective houses. And the phone call scenes from this movie would take you back to the old days. Here’s one from the movie that will definitely make your day.


Old school love was much different from today’s relationships and direct communication was a must to people of those days. And these love birds in the film will not be able to manage a long distance relationship not even for a week. It’s definitely hard to relate to this today but the film just hasn’t lost its magic.


‘Alaipayuthey’ is one of the best film albums composed by A.R.Rahman and the same with Director Mani Ratnam as these songs are special and distinct till date. The songs ‘Snehithanae Snehithanae’ was a fantabulous hit and the visuals will just make you experience the couple’s relationship like its yours. In the below scene where the song begins especially, Maddy has just slayed it.


After a lot of struggle the couple get married and their married life is just portrayed brilliant. The Director is known for his realistic portrayal of romance and this film tops it all. The song ‘ Kaadhal Sadugu’ post their marriage will make you crave for a love-marriage. The below scene shows how cute and funny a love-marriage can be!


We are sure you wouldn’t have stopped with watching the above videos alone, as it’s pretty obvious that this movie is irresistable to everyone who loves watching love-stories!


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