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Your Horoscope For New Year 2019!!

What’s your zodiac sign?

The New Year is finally here and while people are still holding on to 2018, it goes without saying that 2019 has a lot in store for us. Right from good movies lined up to better policies and more leaders surfacing, 2019 might just get more and more progressive. And there’s every reason to celebrate the New Year. Take a look at what your horoscope says about your year!


ARIES : –   (22nd March- 21st April)

This is an excellent year for you when it comes down to enjoying your romantic life. If you have been single and have been waning to settle down then this is the year when wedding bells might ring in for you. Professionally, you shoot up and a new venture brings in growth and success in life. Financial anxieties will overpower your mood most of the time and expenses shall be on the higher side more due to emotional reasons. Someone in the family might let you down during this year. Be careful about unnecessary rumour’s spreading around in your environment especially when it comes to your family. Health needs more focus and better monitoring. Muscle aches or bone related problems might surface up suddenly out of nowhere. Travels if any, should be made with utmost care and with detailed meticulous approach. The latter part of the year will boost your life condition. To gain from your environment and to achieve success, you should follow your inner voice.

Lucky Crystals : Moon stone



TAURUS: (22nd April – 21st May)

Financially this turns out to be excellent year for you and you will be in absolute control of how your finances should do and grow. You have been pretty patient with your health issues and this is the year when you manifest positive strength and rejuvenated mind, body and Soul. Travelling will become like an addiction and most of the time they will turn out to be pretty successful ones. You will be guided well in this field by the feminine forces around you. Family life soothes your life. Slowly and steadily you will find happiness being in the company of your loved ones. Matters of heart need more love and nurturing. Professionally, you might feel anxious about your projects and at times might get insecure when they do not turn around as per your expectations. Keep up with the youngster’s in your work area and rest will be taken care off.

Lucky Crystals : Topaz, Diamond



GEMINI:  (22nd May- 21st June)

Matters of heart shall be blessed and romantic as the year progresses. An elderly person helps you and guides you well in this field and helps in creating more soothing zone for you during this year. Financially, this is an excellent phase and investments will bring in gains and growth in life. Any new investment decision made during this year shall bring you gains for a long time to come. Professional success will come but you still will have to work hard to achieve more in life. Personal family zone keeps you in a happy space and you would love to spend quality time with them. Health rejuvenates you as the year progresses. The contentment and happiness in life also rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.

Lucky Crystals :Blue Agate



CANCER:  (22nd June – 21st July)

This is a year when you need to be more patient and tactful in your approach to manifest success and growth in life. Inner wisdom and insight helps you in boosting your overall growth. Travels made during this year shall be extremely favourable and you shall come across many travel opportunities as well. A feeling of restlessness seeps in when it comes down to taking decisions related to family and home. There are possibilities of journeys to foreign shores that can create a sense of loneliness and anxiety in life. Health needs more focus as keeping up with the pace of energy required by your mind, body and soul might be a tiring job. Tune in to your inner PR skills to achieve growth and gains from your projects. Professional problems if any can be resolved through dialogues and through understanding other’s point of view. Property expenses might shoot up in this year and it is advisable to avoid undergoing any joint investments. Expectations in matters of heart will be on the higher side, which might make you feel a little let down if they are not fulfilled.

Lucky Crystals : Jade 



LEO:  (22nd July – 21st August)

Matters of heart shall be extremely pleasant and romantically inclined all through as the year progresses. Finances too take an upswing mode, though there are still a lot of improvements that one expects in this area. To gain from your professional projects in this year, you need to learn to keep the feminine forces happy in your environment. Travels should be made only if it is of utmost importance to you. One needs to be realistic in matters related to your family. Health needs more care and better monitoring.

Lucky Crystals : Obsidian 



VIRGO: (22nd August- 21st September)

Professionally this is a year, which shall bring in monumental changes in your career, times are changing now in your favour and will give you the desired results as the year progresses. Financial help comes in from someone who is an expert in this field. Good news knocks your door in matters of your heart and one experiences peace and happiness through productive communications. Travels are best avoided in this period and should be taken up only if it is necessary. Few situations in family can be tough to handle and yet again its your PR skills that works best in resolving tough issues. Health shall keep you in a robust state most part of the year.

Lucky Crystals : Carnelian



LIBRA: (22nd September- 21st October)

Professionally this is an excellent time for achieving growth and success in life. Success , honours and achievements are yours to enjoy during this period. Sudden financial gains can be expected in the latter half phase of the year. Health matters are rejuvenating and many options help revitalizing your mind, body and soul. Travels will be memorable and enjoyable. There will be many opportunities that you shall come across while deciding on your travel ventures during this year. Family life will test your patience and wisdom.  a property matter can be stressful to handle and so shall a relationship in the family that might undergo its natural weaning off. Emotional anxieties shall be high in matters of heart. Children can be a cause of concern in this year.

Lucky Crystals : Rose Quartz



SCORPIO:  (22nd October- 21st November)

This is a beautiful year for Scorpio’s and brings success and exaltation of life condition as the year progresses. Professionally this is an excellent year when you shall experience huge success and breakthroughs in your project. Your career graph shoots northwards bringing you honours and accolades. New beginnings in matters of heart shall be blissful and romantic. You are infused with passion and a fresh lease of energy bringing you joy and happiness in life. Hard work is the key to financial success all through this year. A woman in your family who has reached a position of strength helps you in your endeavours in this year. Travels made during this phase might not be as great but shall bring you average success. Heath improves slowly and subtly.  Believe in yourself and act accordingly to enjoy growth in life esp. in the latter half phase of the year.

Lucky Crystals: Amethyst



SAGITTARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)

Professionally you grow stronger and gain from your PR Skills. This is also a great time to plan and then act on your projects. You will be in phase where you shall take the past experience into consideration in a meticulous manner to plan for a better future ahead. Finances grow and make you more responsible to invest for the future security of your near and dear ones. Health of a child can be a cause of concern during this period. A fatherly figure in the family helps you in your endeavours all through the year. Travels bring in success although you still carry a tinge of sadness about something in your life. People who have reached a position of strength in the society through their sheer hard work are the ones who come forward and help you in your life especially in the latter half phase of the year.

Lucky Crystals : Garnet



CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)

Professionally, you are in absolute control of your situation and this strengthens your position as the year progresses. You would know how to twist and turn the tables as per your wishes as the year progresses. Finances grow softly and subtly during this phase of your life. A lot of changes will take place in your finances, you will take the gist of your past investment experiences and then plan on future ones based on these experiences. Youngsters in your family will come forth to support your ideas and help you in your endeavours. Travels can be a bit challenging as there are strong possibilities of you to undergo emotional outbursts while on a journey. Health needs consistent care and monitoring to enjoy robust health. A woman who has dynamic personality shall help you out in your endeavours in the latter half phase of the year.

Lucky Crystals : Black Tourmaline



AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)

Financially this is a great time for you to enjoy growth from your investments. Even if the beginning of the year might not seem as promising but soon you shall find success following you as the year progresses. Travels made in this year shall bring you huge success and will also relax you on your journeys. Professionally a motherly figure can be a cause of concern and this can dampen your professional progress. Matters of heart are full of promises but how many of them are being fulfilled at present will depend only on your consistent approach towards it. Health of a child can be a cause of concern during this phase of your life. This year you might feel a little restless being away from the family. A feeling of homesickness might keep appearing on and off in life. Meditation and Pranayama (Yogic breathing exercises) are key to your peace and success in life during this year as there will be sleep patterns that might get disturbed due to unnecessary stress that might seep in life.

Lucky Crystals : Aquamarine 



PISCES:   (22nd February- 21st March)

Matters of heart shall be pleasant and romantically inclined all through this year. You would want to take your relationship to the next stable levels and would want to settle down in life. Wedding bells rings for some of you during this year. Thoughts of moving to a better place will also be strong in your mind. Professionally, there are possibilities of down slide more because of lack of communications from your end. Financial anxieties shall be high and expenses outflow more due to emotional reasons. A woman’s health in your circle can also be a cause of concern during this phase of life. Keep a check on your own diet patterns as minor abdominal upsets can keep cause you problem all through this year. The happiness that you seek in the family takes some more time and needs a lot of patience and wisdom from your end. You should take up journeys only if they are of utmost importance. Expansions, growth , honours knock your door as you enter into the phase of the latter half phase of the year.

Lucky Crystals : Sunstone / Coral 

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