You Are A Sad Man Mr Radha Ravi: Samantha Akkineni Supports Nayanthara!

We agree!

Finally, after multiple allegations against a predator like Radha Ravi and his nasty behaviour, the DMK Party lifted him off every post and position he ever held. Apart from that, Nadigar Sangam’s President Vishal has strongly condemned his act and sent across a strong-worded letter. Many production houses and biggies from the industry have decided not to cast him in any films anymore. Nayanthara didn’t have to say a word and this was already done in no time.

It was initially Vignesh Shivan and Chinmayi Sripaada who raised their voices against the actor. The singer was removed from the dubbing council for filing a complaint against Radha Ravi.

The latest to join the group is none other than Samantha Akkineni and her statement is spot on. Here’s what she tweeted:

How perfect!

Earlier when Chinmayi spoke against these predators existing within the industry, everyone judged her. This is so unfair that a woman constantly needs to struggle in an industry with such disgusting men and when she finally does she would have to undergo character assassination. Why can men simply not let women succeed? Why does it hurt their ego so much so that they have to have an unncessary opinion on a successful woman just to bring her down? Who even cares what their opinion of how a woman should be?

In a disgusting act, the always annoyingly opinionated Radha Ravi slut shames Lady Superstar Nayanthara during the launch of ‘Kolaiyudhir Kaalam’ trailer. ( firstly why was a man with no respect or sense allowed to talk?) He said, “Nayanthara acts as a ghost, and then she goes on to act as Sita as well. She acts as Sita! Earlier, to play the role of a goddess, they would look for [someone like] KR Vijaya. Now, anyone can be cast to play a goddess. They can cast someone who you want to pray to when you look at them, they can also cast someone you want to call towards you when you see them!”

Just look at the audacity with which he uttered rubbish! Also, who asked him about the kind of roles women must do? What’s more grim is the applause he received at the end of the speech. I mean, what even?

He further added, “What is the difference between a big film and a small film? If you rape one girl at once, it is a small film. If you rape 40 people at once, like in Pollachi, it is a big film.”

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